Mattress Fashion | Bedroom Guide It began broadcasting on July 23, 2019. As of 2011, I am currently working as a manager in this sector, where I have entered full positions and worked in various positions.

When you work on mattresses 7, you have a lot of experience in the sector. Thanks to the R&D process before production and the studies carried out in line with customer feedback, you learn which body structure the products are suitable for people with body structure.

I have read many documents on these topics and attended seminars and fairs. In our age, technology is moving very fast and we have to adapt to it, because thanks to these new technologies, we are able to offer the best product to the consumer. Examples include new machines used in production, state-of-the-art fabrics and sponges used in products.

Thanks to the company i have been working outside the mattress for the last 2 years, I have become intertwined with knitted fabrics and i have started to get a very good understanding of the features. We also produce digital printed products and they interest me. Imagine that you can use any picture in more than 90% of the products you use. This allows you to do wonders in your home and bedroom.

I have implemented the website to get all the information I have acquired in the industry to the end user in the best way, i.e. to the people who purchase disposable products, and to enable them to make the right choices. I have found my experiences and researching all the time and i will share new information with you on this website.

I’m alone on this journey for now, but I can work with people with experience or people who are happy to have a solution. If you would like to work with me in this direction, contact me with one of the methods on the Contact Page.