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Advantages of Using Slat Base


The slat base contains slats placed in the latitude of the frame inside a frame on the upper surface holding the bed. The frame and the slat in it may be metal or wood, but wood is generally preferred. Wooden slats consist of heat-treated (baked) wooden plates.

Slats are curved to form a curve outward from the frame plane. You put your bed on this frame. Weights from the beds own weight and overload allow allow the latest to stretch downwards.

Slat bases are usually shown as alternatives to box spring bases. Bed sets containing box springs are popular in the United States and Scandinavian countries, while in most European countries they often use slat bases.

Bed Base
Slats Base

Sunta Top Surface on Chested or Blind Bases

When you place your bed on the hardboard, you have to use it on an inflexible, completely closed surface. Since there is no flexibility on the lower surface of the bed, static or dynamic loads and sudden shocks have an effect entirely on the bed. Sleep deprivation is restricted and the bed wears out faster and its life span is shortened due to these loads. Since the bottom of the bed is a completely closed surface, air circulation from this section becomes impossible. The problem of sweating in bed at night can become even more uncomfortable. You probably have this problem often on hot summer nights.

As air circulation is restricted, the bed’s internal temperature and humidity increases, creating a favourable environment for bacteria and dust mites to reproduce much faster. These creatures in the bed can cause a bad smell while triggering allergies and asthma.

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Advantages of Slat Base

Slat bases can be produced as blind bases, chested bases or moving bases. The slat base creates a flexible and dynamic backdrop for the bed, just like a box spring. The mattress stretches with the bottom surface and increases comfort. Materials such as springs and sponges in your bed have a certain fatigue lifespan. After certain years of use, these materials lose their elasticity and your bed doesn’t feel as comfortable as it used to be. When you use a slat base, the loads and shocks on the bed are absorbed, which increases the comfort of your bed and increases the life span of your bed.

Large gaps between slats improve thermal comfort by making strong air circulation possible. Since the internal temperature and humidity of the bed does not rise excessively, the rapid growth of bacteria and mites is prevented. This makes it easier for the bed to remain hygienic. Of course, for this, the bed design must also be built to provide a strong air circulation.

Comparing Box Spring with Slat Base

Bed Base
Box Spring Base

You can think of Box spring as a second bed under the bed. It usually contains pocket springs and sponge layers. That’s why box springs cost more than slat bases.

Box springs are heavier than slat bases. Latitus bases are lighter products, providing convenience in terms of transport and domestic transportation.

The point flexibility of box spring bases is stronger. So they make your bed even more comfortable. In slat bases, it is possible to talk about linear flexibility. This means that the slat frame can stretch on the lines formed by the slats. Slat bases add noticeably extra comfort to your bed, even if they’re not as much as box springs.

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The air circulation properties of slat bases are stronger than box springs. Box springs also feature air circulation, but in terms of thermal comfort and hygiene, the slat base comes to the fore.

Slat Frame Containing Base Types

Latitus frames can be used on crate bases. In this case, the upper surface of the base bed the bed is preferred instead of a plate plate with a slat.

The top surface of the blind bases, which are usually used in hotel beds, can be produced with latitude frames. Bed Sets with slat base or box spring can be viewed in more large and prestigious hotels because the costs are higher.

Adjustable bed sets are usually produced with box spring units. Because of these non-cost-oriented sets, the design is done with comfort in the foreground. However, it is also possible to use a slat frame instead of box spring, which is common in some countries.

Hardboard Plate, Box Spring and Slat Frame

Mattress Base
Hardboard Boxed Base

In terms of comfort, we can compare these three different systems as follows:

  • Due to its high point flexibility, the comfort feature is a box spring made with the most powerful pocket spring. You can lie on the box spring base without putting a bed on it, it’s so comfortable. Although the unit is used in conjunction with at least one bed pad, we can give an example to explain its comfort.
  • The comfort feature of the slat base is good because it creates a linear stretching ground.
  • Since the flexibility is close to zero, the hardboard plate does not provide any extra comfort for the bed.
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In terms of air circulation, thermal comfort and hygiene, we can compare these three as follows:

  • Due to its hollow structure, the air circulation feature is the slat base, which is the strongest.
  • Even if it’s not up to the slat base, the air circulation feature of the box spring base is good.
  • Air circulation in bases containing hardboard plates is close to zero. It is not recommended to use don’t a spring visco or latex bed on such a base.

In terms of cost, we can compare the following:

  • The base containing the hardboard plate is the most cost-effective.
  • The slat base is more costly than the plate.
  • The Box Spring unit is the highest cost because it is produced as an independent bed.

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