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Bed Base Use and Cleaning


The beds, quilts, sheets, pillows, underused clothes and items in the house are a product of complete genius, providing great convenience to the bed bases. Because since the bed base beds were produced, there has been a great relief of space in the houses. If it wasn’t for the Crate bed base, there might have been serious problems in the placement of underused items. Because the new houses with modern design are smaller than the old ones and have been built for practical use. So much so that most homes don’t have space to fit even oversized wardrobes. In these conditions, the use of bed base, cleaning, the method of placing goods has become much more important.

How should items be placed on bed bases?

Best bed base
Crate Mattress Base

Items that are washed, dried and packaged correctly can remain in the same hygiene for six months in bed base without opening. First of all, it is essential that the bed base is thoroughly wiped, rinsed and dried with a soapy cloth. Then it is enough to pay attention to the cleaning of the items. First of all, the items to be filled into the bed bases are cleaned with the right cleaning methods. For example, duvets and pillows are washed in the machine if there is a suitable machine, or they are cleaned by cleaning companies. Then, when it is completely dry, it is laid in a suitable place for ventilation for a few days and vacuum in vacuum bags and arranged in the bed base.

Items that will not be used for longer when placing items on the bed bases should be placed on the lower and rear parts, while the common ones should be placed on the front and top. In this way, it can be prevented from opening and closing the bed base every day and dispersing the bed base while trying to find the wanted item. It makes more sense to place seasonal or rare items on the bed base, not frequently used. Once everything is placed on the bed base, it is sufficient to open the lids of the bed base once a month or every two months and ventilate it a little.

What are the considerations when cleaning the bed bases?

Best mattress base
Crate Bed Base

The most basic requirement for keeping the items in the bed bases clean is that the bed base where the items are placed is clean. Especially the fact that the bed bases that are closed for months is not clean causes the items to smell, which is not pleasant at all. For this purpose, the inside of the bed base is first wiped and rinsed with a soapy, soft cloth or sponge. It is then thoroughly dried with a dry and soft cloth and the inside of the bed base is ventilated for several hours with the window of the room and the lids of the bed base open.

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Then, in tiny napkins or tulle pieces, cloves, lavender or dried rose petals are placed on the corners of the bed base. If such an opportunity does not exist, one of the tablets used as the smell of bathroom stench or cupboard is placed in the corners of the bed bases. Then a clean and thin cloth is laid on the floor of the bed base and the packaged items are stacked neatly on top of that cloth. After this cleaning and installation process, the lids of the bed base will be opened every once in a while and the ventilation of the bed base for ten to fifteen minutes will be sufficient. Items can always be stored cleanly and regularly on the bed bases.

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