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How to Clean the Bed Headboard?

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Cleaning is just a need for some and a passion for others. So much so that while it is enough for many people to sweep and wipe the house twice a week, there are those who always walk around the house with a dust cloth in their hands, or if they work, take home a daily cleaner and inspect even the most secluded places of the house every evening. Whether cleanliness is done by necessity, by force or with passion, it takes a very large period of time and a significant part of our power.

How to clean some items and places in the house, which cleaning materials will be used is a big question mark. No matter how deleted it is, one of the items that seems to be dirty and dusty at all times, which is thought to be unable to be completely cleaned, is the bed headboard. In order for the bed headboards to be cleaned in the most accurate way and with the right material, it is necessary to use the cleaner according to the material in which the bed headboard is made.

How to Clean Leather Bed Headboards?

Bed headboards are dusty very quickly, especially since the bed opens and closes every day, and when these dust is not wiped for a few days, they stick to the bed headboards and turn into clots. When the hand or finger is touched in these dusty and dirty places, the stain can leave much more permanent marks. It makes much more sense to remove stains before they are well settled, especially on leather bed headboards. Because the leather is a porous substance, it is much more difficult to remove when settled. The most practical way to clean the leather bed headboards is to mix a liter of water, half a cup of bleach and very little aspirin into a bowl. A very soft sponge, tulle or a piece of cotton is immersed in this mixture, juice is squeezed and leather bed headboards are wiped. Finally, it is dried with a soft and dry cloth. Don’t get me wrong, aspirin isn’t a headache pill, there’s a cleaning agent called aspirin.

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Depending on the color of the leather bed headboard, the amount of bleach can be reduced. Half a tea cup is the measure given for white or cream bed headboards. In addition, another alternative for those who do not want to clean the leather bed headboard with bleach is Arabic soap. Some warm water is mixed with Arabic soap and the bed headboard is wiped with the help of a soft cloth. After cleaning, it is dried with a dry cloth. It will be seen that all the stains have disappeared.

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How to Clean a Wooden Bed Headboard?

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As with all wooden materials, wooden bed heads are very delicate. It is drawn or robbed at the slightest mistake. For this reason, it is best to wipe the wooden bed headboards with cleaning agents specially produced for wood cleaning. In this way, both the bed headboards remain brand new for longer and a clean enough image is created. However, if a wood cleaning product is not present at home at the moment when dust or stain occurs, it is best to wipe the wooden bed headboard with a clean and soft moist cloth moistened with warm water.

How to Clean Metal Bed Headboards?

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One of the most important considerations in cleaning metal bed headboards is that no matter what is cleaned with it, care should be taken not to leave the metal wet or damp. In other words, after cleaning must be dried with a dry and soft cloth. Since metal goods are more durable than wood or leather goods, a wide variety of cleaning materials can be found as an option. However, vinegar is the most practical cleaning agent for metal surfaces. In a bowl, vinegar is made of water, microfiber cloths are immersed in vinegar water and metal items are wiped off with peace of mind. It is then rinsed with a wet cloth and dried with a dry cloth. The peel of dried lemon is a very good option for polishing metal bed headboards. It is possible to get rid of stains on the metal by applying the inner part of the lemon, which is squeezed and dried in the refrigerator to the metal surface.

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