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9 Different Sleeping Positions for 9 Different Complaints


An average person sleeps in about 25 years of his life. Human beings need sleep. However, as far as science understands, researchers still don’t know exactly why we need sleep. And it’s not just about how much sleep we need ( Statistics say that an average adult needs to sleep between 7-9 hours a day ) It’s about how we sleep. Because in what position we sleep, it affects our health.

Sleep positions can affect our body in many ways. From back pain to blood pressure, sinus infection, sleep in a certain position can affect all of these symptoms and more. Here is a list of 9 sleeping positions that we have created using different health resources to reduce all these diseases:

1- Back pain

Assisted sleep
Sleeping position for back pain

If you have a back pain complaint, you can create a difference in your sleeping position. Ultimately, you should sleep in the position that gives you the best results. However, we advise you to sleep on your back. We can explain this as follows: “When you sleep on your back, place a pillow under your knees. You can also place a small, rounded towel in the pit of your back. “

2- Shoulder pain

Side sleeping
Sleeping position for shoulder pain

For the pain of either one of your shoulders, ” Gently bend your legs towards your non-pain” we recommend that you sleep. You can also hold a pillow towards your chest or squeeze a cushion between your knees for additional support.

3- Sinus (Sinusitis) problem

Sleeping position
Sleeping position for sinus sinusitis problem

If you have a sinus infection complaint, the sleeping position can be either beneficial or harmful. We can explain this as follows: “Sleep by raising your head. When you sleep below your head at night, the mucus accumulates in your sinuses. So get a boost under your head during sleep.”

4- Headache

Back sleeping position
Sleeping position for headache

Sleep position can reduce or increase headaches. We can explain this as follows: “I had daily headache complaints until I realized I was turning my neck when I was asleep.” It is recommended to prevent the head from rotating around with pillows.

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5- PMS Pain

Sleeping position
Sleeping position for PMS Pain

The premenstrual syndrome can help reduce sleep, discomfort for women who complain of symptoms related to pre-menstruation syndrome. We can give you that advice, “Spend your best premenstrual syndrome sleeping on your back. Place a pillow under your knees to protect your spine without excessive humility.

6- High blood pressure

Sleeping position
Sleeping position for high blood pressure

Of course, you should talk to your doctor about the general condition of your high blood pressure, and you should also talk about the treatment regs you want to know. However recently, he published a report on how the sleep position, which was prepared by Ehime University Faculty of Medicine, had an effect on blood pressure. What they discovered was that sleeping on the face could actually lower the blood pressure. The following statement was used in the report: “The person’s overall blood pressure is slowly but significantly dropping when the person is lying down.”

7- Digestive problem

Sleeping position
Sleeping position for digestive problem

Sleeping on the left side helps a better digestion.” It seems logical because your stomach is located on the left side of our bodies relatively. Therefore, lying towards your left allows the gravity to help the digestive process.

8- Neck pain

Sleeping position
Sleeping position for neck pain

Using additional neck support can help with symptoms of neck pains. According to, “For neck pain, it may be beneficial to use the rounded hand towel under the full neck as additional support. The towel can also be placed inside the pillow to keep it steady.”

9- Heartburn

Sleeping position for heartburn

Heartburn can make sleep quite difficult. Like indigestion, heartburn can be reduced to the left side.

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These are just a few of the sleeping positions that may be beneficial to your health. However, if you have any questions or concerns about such symptoms or any of these sleeping solutions, please consult your physician. These positions have been proposed for information and reference only. Sleep well.

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