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Bed Cleaning Tips


Do you know that every person sweats at least 250 milliliters every night while you sleep in your comfortable bed at night? This means that the bed needs cleaning along with the sheets.

How to Clean the Bed?

Cleaning of the beds is unfortunately very rare. The problem here is that when you change your sheets to wash, you come across something that you can’t take out on your bed and wash in the washing machine.

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Your bed is actually everywhere, with stains, dust and mites. Therefore, keeping your bed clean is not only important for the elimination of body waste, but also for the destruction of mites.

Clean the bed with a vacuum cleaner:

This will be a really important step because the vacuum cleaner will easily remove dust, dead skin pieces and other similar wastes. Make sure that you turn your bed upside down in seasonal conversions. The important thing is that the tip of the vacuum cleaner is clean. Remember that you use the vacuum cleaner in places to clean everything.

Remove the odors of your bed:

With the vacuum cleaner you can take the bed cleaning one step further. This is the removal of odors. With sweat residues, dust and other debris in the mattress, the mattress may produce a different and unpleasant odor after a while. To remove this odor, sprinkle carbonate on the bed and wait for 30 minutes. Then clean with a vacuum cleaner. Carbonate is a natural odor remover and will certainly remove any odor that is present in bed. “You can drop a few drops of your favorite smells to carbonate before spreading them to bed.” You will breathe that clean smell in your bed for a few nights.

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Spot cleaning and stain removal:

The stains on the bed contain either protein or fat. As with any stain, your bed should be a priority to prevent staining. Liquid stains should first be wiped off with a cold, wet cloth and then dry with a dry cloth. When wiping the stain, be careful not to wipe the circle, but by pressing it. Another point to remember is that if protein-containing stains are wiped with a hot cloth, it will become even more permanent in bed. Therefore, only cold water should be used.

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New stains can be easily removed with a mixture of salt, carbonate and water. Put this trio into a paste, apply on the stain and scrub after 30 minutes. Then remove any excess with a cloth dampened with cold water and allow to dry.

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