Good and Adequate Sleep

(Covid-19) Coronavirus Immune System and Sleep


As you know, the increase of the world’s population, pollution of the environment and water, the dissemination and spread rates of new diseases parallel with overconstruction have unfortunately increased. Today, the biggest example of this (Covid-19) is coronavirus. All news outlets are trying to warn people to protect against this virus, which alarms everyone from some to the state level. People with normal immune systems and sleep patterns have a 4 times lower risk of coronavirus than those who are impaired.

According to sources of Covid 19’s health institutions; The lack of a disease to be feared due to the fact that there are treatment pathways of the disease, which begins with fever, respiratory distress and dry cough complaints. Based on the promise of “Saves precautions, not panic“, it’s important to remember that we’re in the days when we need to be more conscious.

So we wanted to talk about both the methods of protection from CoronaVirus (Covid 19) and what we need to do to keep our immune system strong

As for methods of protection;

(Covid 19) CoronaVirus Measures
  • Wearing a medical mask can be meaningful in terms of the situation in which many people encounter possible patients in confined spaces.
  • Individuals who spend time outside are often at least 20 sec.wash their hands, if they are not close to water and sink; it is very important that they disinfect hands with alcohol or cologne.
  • Preventory the contact of the hands to the mouth, nose or eye.
  • Making throat throat strain and consuming plenty of warm fluids can prevent the virus from settling.
  • Keeping our immune system strong.
  • To adjust our physical distance with people correctly, to put at least 1 meter of distance in the intervening.
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Keeping our immune system strong is also the biggest weapon to protect us from diseases. To keep the immune system strong and well operational;

Good and Adequate Sleep:

Do you know that one of the most important factors in keeping the immune system strong is good and adequate sleep?

Good and Adequate Sleep

The cells of the immune system have the ability to reproduce, regenerate and heal during sleep. The best time these cells are refreshed is night sleep. Thus, your body, which receives adequate sleep, has sufficient resistance to protection against a wide range of viruses and microbes, including Coronavirus (Covid-19). It also helps to fight melatonin, free radicals and toxins secreted during sleep. If you don’t sleep enough, your immune system may fall down and invite diseases because the cells can’t be eaten. That’s why many of us feel sick after days of intense and sleepless. Therefore, it is especially important to take extra care to sleep a quality night’s sleep, especially during periods when such infectious diseases are on the agenda.

Good Nutrition:

Good Nutrition

The cells of the immune system are mostly located on the walls of the intestinal system. For this reason, you need to pay attention to the meals you eat for a strong immune system. Consuming vitaminand mineral-rich vegetables and fruits, drinking organic vegetable juices helps strengthen and support your immune system. Be careful to avoid fried, processed, sugary and salty foods as much as possible.

Continuous Outdoor Exercise:

Exercising Outdoors

Exercising outdoors regularly plays an important role in strengthening the immune system. According to the researches, people who exercise regularly increased the cells of the immune system by 20%. It has been observed that those who exercise density may have a decrease in the number of cells and will affect the immune system in a harmful way.

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Avoiding Stressful Environments:

Avoiding Stressful Environments

Many functions, such as stress and sadness, negatively affect your immune system, making your body open to diseases. You should be careful to avoid as much stressful environments as possible and make room for laughter in your life.

As a result, regular lyre and quality sleep will reduce the risk of developing diseases including (Covid-19) Corona Virus and help us live as happy healthy and highly motivated individuals.

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