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How should the correct sleep position be?


How should the correct sleep position be?

If we start to wake up  feeling sated and aching in various reigons of our body instead of feeling rested and full of energy , underlying cause might be the wrong sleeping position. İn order to sleep deeply and healthily, we need to take some precautions according to the sleeping position.

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Back sleeping position

Sleeping on the back for balanced sleep:

it is the best sleep position to protect the neutral sequence of the waist and neck vertebrae and the pressure distribution of the spine by using suitable bed and pillow. However, cushion support may be required to avoid disturbing the natural curve of the waist. Therefore, in general, 4-7 tightness is recommended for backrests.

Side sleeping:

Side sleeping position

It is the most comfortable position in people that had waist pain. The gap between the neck and shoulder must be supported by a suitable pillow. In an inappropriate bed there is an imbalance between the muscles, pain and data that triggers scoliosis in some cases by always lying in the same direction. With a pillow placed between the knees, the hip, pelvis and spine are arranged in a more comfortable position. The severity on the sacroiliac knuckle decreases.

For most side sleeping, soft and medium-hard mattresses are required, which is suitable for 3-7 degrees. Most people get the best results from this frequency range.

Sleeping over face:

Sleeping over face position

It creates pain and pressure. When Normal physiological curves are not supported, the neutral position of the spine becomes difficult to maintain. Excessive mechanical stress and pain may occur because the neck is facing one side and is prolonged in the extension position according to the pillow used. The risk of low back pain is also increased because it causes hyperextension (excessive backbending) on the lumbar spine. It creates excess pressure on the muscles and joints and facilitates nerve jams.

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Normally excessive sinking mattresses should be avoided. An unhealthy posture will occur as the abdomen and the pelvis are further sunk. Most people choose the 4-7 level mattress to get the best comfort and support in this sleeping position. It is therefore advisable to select close to the upper levels of this range.

Position of arms during sleep:

To avoid excessive tension on the shoulders, the arms must be in front of the body. Having the arms on the head or lying on it can trigger a disturbance of circulation, nerve jams and tendom jams.

Sleep Health
Sleep Health


Physical therapy and rehabilitation doctors often make some recommendations based on their preferred sleeping positions:

“The ideal sleeping position is the position of the spine in the natural form of sleep.”

“Sleep quality and sleep position are the elements that are highly associated with each other and affect the overall health condition. Because it differs depending on many variables and health problems, it is unlikely to say “the best sleeping position” for the wider community, but with individual assessment, the best sleeping position can be defined for individuals. “

Depending on the sleep position, different body areas are subjected to pressure or tension. The ideal sleeping position is the position in which natural physiological curves are preserved, i.e. protects the neutral position of the spine.”

“While sleeping, the body should be backed by a pillow, not constantly lying on the same side, while the arms should not constantly stand on the head during sleep.”

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