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Suggestion From Scientists To Keep Bed Bugs Away From Homes


Scientists have discovered that as a result of their work, bed bugs are spread through dirty laundry.

Bed bugs (cimex lectularius), one of the lower classes of the bedbug family, are one of the worst pest problems that can occur in your home. Nestled in your bed, this type of insect bites your flesh and sucks your blood when you go to sleep at night.

People who encounter this kind of problem first spraying the room and looking for pest repellent lotion before bedtime. Unfortunately, bed bugs are very well evolved organisms and develop resistance to pesticides quickly.

Bed bugs have recently become a common problem around the world. One of the biggest reasons for this is that long-distance travel fares have fallen extremely low.

What do scientists think of that?

The fact that bed bugs became such a common problem caught the attention of scientists and began to investigate why they spread so quickly. Studies show that the biggest mistake is the open possession of dirty clothes while preparing travel bags.

After all, bed bugs are also a bloodsucking species. That’s why scientists began their studies with another bloodsucking species, mosquitoes. Research has revealed that CO2 attracts spikes, even prefers CO2 to human smell.

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The researchers then set up a experimental mechanism to find out if the bed bugs were heading towards CO2. There were two options in front of the 10 bed bugs in a jar. One of the rooms had CO2 to simulate the human presence, while the other room was filled with fresh air. Both rooms also had two bags of dirty, two bags of clean laundry.

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Blocking bed bugs

The results were strange; The beetles didn’t react to CO2. But the dirty laundry caught their attention and headed for it. This experiment was tried six times in total, the places of the bags were changed, but as a result the insects each time turned to bags with dirty clothes, where they stopped for a total of 96 hours during the experiment.

As a result, scientists are warning people about dirty laundry do bed bugs don’t have problems. Leaving dirty laundry exposed, especially when you’re traveling, can cause bedding bugs to come with you in your suitcase. And your comfortable bed will be an extremely nice home for them to eat you at night.

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