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What Causes Sweating in Sleep at Night? What’s Good for Sweating?


Here in sleep, the reasons for night sweats…

Night sweats are usually caused by menopause and other hormone disorders. In addition, some medications, infections, low blood sugar, some neurological diseases and cancer can also lead to sweating at night.

What's Good for Sweating
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Reasons for sweating in sleep include easy-to-solve problems such as bad dreams or excessive tea coffee consumption during the day. Also during menopause, antidepressants and some fever-lowering drugs used to treat colds can lead to sweating in sleep.


Almost 70% of women entering menopause experience sudden sweating, which is called “temperature compression“. Sweating due to increased body temperature usually occurs during the night hours. These night sweats occur due to decreased estrogen levels during perimenopause and early menopause. Do not consume caffeine, alcohol or spicy foods, especially after noon, to reduce fevers and night sweats during menopause.


Medications that lower blood pressure, alcohol, heroin, antidepressants and some fever-lowering drugs can cause night sweats. There are also many other medications that cause night sweats as side effects.


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Sweating Problem During Sleep

In patients with diabetes, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) at night can lead to sweating. This condition is more common in patients whose diabetes is not under control and who take high doses of insulin during the day.

Hormone Disorders

Many hormone disorders can cause night sweats. A type of tumor rarely seen in the adrenal gland causes the production of neuroepinephrine and epinephrine. These hormones control blood pressure and heart rate, and therefore their overproduction leads to increased heart rate, blood pressure and night sweats.

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In addition, hyperthyroidism, which means the production of excessive amounts of thyroid hormone as a result of overwork of the thyroid, can also cause night sweats. Carcinoid syndrome, which causes excessive hormone release from the lungs and intestinal tumors, also causes night sweats.


Depending on how the immune system reacts to infectious organisms, many infections can cause night sweats. Many types of viruses and bacteria, especially HIV, can cause night sweats.


Night sweats can be an early sign of some types of cancer, especially blood cancer. According to experts, intense night sweats can be a B-symptom of blood cancer. B-symptoms are systemic symptoms that affect the whole body. Although it is not known exactly why blood cancer causes night sweats, it is theoretically thought that night sweats and high fever occur as a result of the body’s immune response to malignant cells.

Neurological Conditions

The nerves control sweating, so night sweats can be a sign of some neural problems. Autonomic neuropathy and paralysis can also cause night sweats. Paralysis occurs as a result of an explosion of the blood vessel or the formation of a clot that blocks blood flow to the brain.

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Solution of Sweating in Sleep

If sweating persists in sleep, you should definitely see a doctor to find out exactly what the cause is and start the necessary treatment process.

What’s Good for Sweating?

To reduce sweating, the body needs to have enough magnesium and vitamin B. In this case;

  • A cup of squeezed tomato juice can be drunk every morning. Tomatoes contain antioxidants that cause sweat glands to remove viruses and diseases from the body through urine and defecation.
  • Green tea contains soothing substances, which helps reduce the number of harmful cells causing sweating. Experts stress that two cups of green tea should be consumed per day.
  • Boil a teaspoon of oak bark, eucalyptus and walnut leaves in about 1 liter of water. Clean the sweating areas with this water by adding up to 1 liter of cold water after filtering the mixture.
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