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What is a mattress protector? How to choose.


Bed protector means bed cover with mattress protector. It is possible to resemble a sheet that covers the mattress protector on the bed. Of course, after this simple explanation, it is partly true to describe the form of a veil that serves as a bedsheet.

bed protectors
Mattress protectors hygienic sheath

Bed protection can be of various types. In fact, the desired properties lead to the production of bearing protectors in different structural types. They can have different characteristics depending on the characteristics of the materials used in the mattress protector. In general, cotton, polyester fabric, PVC coated fabrics or elastic tapes can be used in the structure of mattress protectors. The variety of materials used allows the bed to be liquid-proof, non-flammable or hygienic. They are also useful in terms of use.

For example, the cover of a bed used in a mattress protector does not require a slip and no iron due to wrinkled. The hotel can be used in all surgical units such as hospitals, intensive care units, or operating rooms due to their high temperature washdown. They are also available in homes because it prevents the formation of allergic elements such as bacteria. This feature prevents possible undesirable situations encountered in the bedroom parts of the houses.

“Your health is valuable, please do not forget to use hygiene products.

Bed protectors hygienic sheath

Their use is extremely easy. The types that can protect the mattress against spills are preventing the contact of the bed such as blood, urine, sweat fluid, which is likely to fall into the bed. Thus they provide a hygienic bed environment. The substances used during production are a factor in the liquid-proof properties.

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Why we should use?

The type of non-allergic type depends on the polyester fabric used. Because this type of fabric prevents the formation of bacteria and fungi, which leads to the formation of allergies.

Especially waterproof mattress protectors are important, it is important to use your mattress protector in terms of bearing protection and hygiene. It is necessary to use the mattress protector, it is also easily used, prevents the formation of bacteria, prevents the wrinkled bed linens used.

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