Electronic Goods Prevent Sleep

14 Little Known Facts About Sleep


If it had been a good and orderly sleep, perhaps many of these events would not have happened…

How about research estimating some important consequences about sleep and insomnia?

Sleep, sleep a little more…

Women are more prone to moral and motivational disorders than men. Research suggests that women should sleep extra than a few extra hours. Especially a slightly higher night’s sleep than men can prevent low morale and motivation during the day.

We can say one-third…

33% of traffic accidents are caused by insomnia.

Electronic Goods Prevent Sleep
Insomnia in The Car

The biggest reason…

Alcohol is thought to be the biggest cause, but the US National Transportation Safety Board says accidents and chaos are caused by lack of sleep.

Why didn’t Challenger succeed?

Why do you think the Challenger space shuttle, launched by NASA in 1989, did not succeed? It was a technical glitch that everyone knew until now. However, research by The Rogers Commission found that it was caused by an individual error, aggravated insomnia.

Don’t go sleepless.

80,000 American drivers a day are known to fall asleep while driving. So approximately 1 person per second…

As dangerous as alcohol…

A person who sleeps for 7 hours seems to be under the influence of 0.05 alcohol. If he is 24 hours a sleepless 0.1.Alcohol control should be done as well as insomnia control, don’t you think?

Electronic Goods Prevent Sleep

We’re suffering from insomnia

Nine out of 10 people have sleep disturbances, they don’t sleep regularly. Smartphones and video sites may be the reason we don’t sleep at night and we don’t sleep early. You can turn off your electronics at night for a good night’s sleep.

You want to take a look?  What to consider when choosing bed base?

Are you afraid to go to bed?

If you have a fear of sleeping, it’s called clinophobia. The exact opposite is the fear of sleeping.

A rock pillow!

Did you know that in ancient Egypt, people slept on pillows made of stone?

It sounds comfortable.

It was a beautiful dream, but I don’t remember.

A normal person has 1,460 dreams a year. Within 5 or 10 minutes of waking up, we forget 90% of our dreams.

It’s against the law

Being behind the wheel in Tennessee when you’re asleep is considered against the law.

Don’t say fatigue

coffee for health
Doctor and Coffee

According to an independent study, 42% of San Francisco Hospital staff admit to accidentally causing a patient’s death due to fatigue. (Note: Be you, and if you go into surgery, don’t forget to offer espresso to the surgeon who will perform the operation.)

Once upon a time…

In Shakespeare’s lifetime, beds were fixed to the base with ropes. When you pull these ropes, the bed part becomes more nervous so you can sleep more comfortably. The English phrase “Goodnight, sleep tight” comes from the ropes used during this period.

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