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5 Facts You Need to Know About Beds


If you are a sleep-loving person, your bed is the most important furniture in your home. Even someone who doesn’t like sleep spends 2,000 hours a year in bed. It is also important to maintain the bed where people who like to sleep or dislike spend so much time. The first thing we’re going to say is that you’re going to have to keep your beds intact for a long time, so don’t let your kids jump on the bed.

1- Turn your bed

Clean a Bed
Dust Mites

In the past, the beds were one-sided, and at that time only one side of the beds could be used. But 15 years ago, double-sided mattresses started to be produced. Now we use double beds in our homes. For this, turn your beds every 6 months.

2- Dust mites

There are a lot of mites in our beds that we can’t see. These pass through the skin in our bodies, with sneezing and coughing into our beds. The ideal way to get rid of these mites is to clean your beds once a month with a vacuum cleaner. First, you can wipe your bed with a damp cloth. Then clean thoroughly with the vacuum cleaner.

3- Use Mattress Protection

Bed protector
Liquid Proof Mattress Protector

Never clean your bed with water or cleaners. One of the best ways to protect your bed is to put a protective Mattress Protection in your bed. However, the bed protector you will receive is very important. If you take bed protectors with the wrong properties, it does not protect your bed and may cause mold and bad odors. The bed protector you’re going to get must be water-resistant, but also designed against dust mites and bed bugs. You can clean these bed protectors by washing them every three months.

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4- Get rid of smells

The beds smell if your house is damp. Body odor penetrates the bed after a while. You can use dry fragrance absorbers to get rid of these odors. These suckers you put under your bed will smell bad on the bed.

5- To remove stains

Natural Bed
Clean a Mattress

When any liquid is poured into your bed and there is no bed protector on your bed, then you have to act very quickly. First, try to quickly remove the liquid from the bed with a paper towel. If too much fluid has been poured into the bed and it is heading towards the springs, then lift the bed up immediately and sew it against the wall. Try to draw the water from the bed by pressing it with paper towels and cloths. Then try to dry the wet area completely with the blow-dry.

If you have a stain or bad smell after drying the liquid, then let’s pour carbonate on the bed. Then we’ll pull it out with a vacuum cleaner. The stain will disappear.

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