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Children’s Bedrooms Now More Colorful: Montessori Bed


We know that all parents want to raise self-sufficient and self-confident children. At this point, as you know, it’s worth remembering that raising a child is a multi-layered phenomenon. So even something you never expected can help your child grow up to be self-sufficient. That’s exactly what the Montessori philosophy, which has often mentioned its name in recent years, aims for. Now, let’s talk briefly about montessori philosophy and share the details you need to know about montessori children’s bed, a must-have product of Montessori children’s rooms.

What is Montessori Education?

Montessori Children’s Room
Montessori Decoration

The Montessori method, which was created in line with the many years of studies and studies of Dr. Maria Montessori; it aims to take part in the child’s daily life, to meet his own needs, to fulfill his responsibilities and to make his own decisions. In other words, the Montessori method is intended to raise the child as an individual even in the early years of his or her life. To make this happen, children’s rooms play an important role. Do you think, “What’s the point of developing a child with a children’s bedroom decoration?” Let’s talk about it right now.

How to decorate the Montessori Children’s Bedroom?

Of course we assume you don’t want to let your child out of your sight. For this reason, children’s rooms can often become areas used to sleep. But in fact, your child needs to spend more time in his or her room. Montessori philosophy says it is very important for your child to gain a sense of individuality and special space. “But what if something happens to child?” if you take the necessary precautions, if you are concerned, leaving your child alone isn’t as scary as you think.

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In addition to the precautions you will take for your child’s safety, let us note that Montessori decoration is very successful in creating a safe living space for your child. Here are some decorating tips you need to know about the Montessori children’s room:

  • Montessori philosophy aims to easily achieve what your child wants. To achieve this, of course, you will have to make different choices on children’s room furniture. For example, instead of wardrobes, you can choose an open wardrobe that your child can easily reach. Instead of shelves that are used as additional storage space and contribute to the elegance of the room, you can include shelves such as open, cabinets.
  • Simplicity is at the forefront of Montessori decoration.Therefore, you should not include more furniture than is needed in the room. You can also store your child’s belongings such as toys and clothes in storage boxes to maintain order in the area.
  • Of course must-have furniture for montessori bedroom, Montessori bed! Let’s take a closer look at the Montessori bed, which will both make your child’s life easier, contribute to education and add elegance to the field as a decorative.
  • In the children’s room, it’s important to create areas where your child can spend time. You can accommodate seats or tables suitable for your child’s height in the room.

Are Montessori Bed Varieties Advantages Like Your Child’s Life?

You may be thinking about why the Montessori children’s bed, which is very important to child development, is so important. So let’s not keep you waiting any longer and share the pros of this bed in substance.

Wooden Montessori Children’s Wardrobe
  • You might have the question, “What is a Montessori bed?” Montessori bed; A simple wooden skeleton, which can be described as a bed where children can easily enter and exit.
  • Cradles do not allow your children to move individually because they are tall, and cause your child to need you to get into bed or get out of bed. This can be an obstacle to your child gaining their individuality. Montessori beds close to the ground can enter, sleep alone when your child is sleepy, or wake up and get out of bed without needing you.
  • In montessori beds, which we can call a kind of floor bed, you minimize the possibility that your child will fall out of bed and therefore be injured.
  • Montessori beds are not as small as cradles; you can choose single beds as beds. As long as you’re happy with the bed, your child can use this bed for many years to come. So you don’t have to allocate a separate budget for beds and cots in the transition from infancy to childhood.
  • In addition to the benefits to your child’s development, Montessori bed decoration sings to contribute to the elegance of the area. In addition to montessori tulle (mosquito nettle), you can also paint the cot in any color. But at this point, let’s remind you that you should choose water-based paints.
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