Mattress History

Mattress History: From Past to Present


Mattress History. How much do we know about our mattresses that we’ve been dying to get back to all day long, and we’ve gotten rid of all our fatigue? Let’s take a journey into the depths of history together and see closely the change from the first mattresses to today’s mattress technologies.

A History based on the Neolithic Age

Research shows that the first mattresses were discovered in the Neolithic era. Using materials such as leaves, animal skin and feathers, the first people to create higher areas from the ground have made the first moments of mattress history. There are also murals of these mattresses, which are made to protect against insects, dirt and cold.

Bed History
Mattress History

The remains of 3600 B.C. show that persians used goat skin stuffed with water at that time. In addition, animal skin was not the only material used during these years to create a sleeping area. In 3400 B.C., it is known that the Egyptians made very stylish mattresses for themselves from piles of palm leaves.

Feather Mattresses Enter Human History

By the 200s B.C., the mattresses had become quite different. In ancient Rome, large bags filled with straw, reed and wool were used as mattresses. The high-ranking people of that period were using mattresses filled with feathers.

Renaissance: The Golden Age of Mattresses

Egypt Bed
Tutankhamun’s Mattress

It is possible to say that the mattress form that emerged during the ancient Roman period has undergone minor changes for many years. However, the change in many areas during the Renaissance also manifested itself in the mattresses. During this period, the mattresses, which were filled with corn cobs, pea leaves, straw, feathers, were covered with precious fabrics such as velvet and silk.

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Step-by-step on Today’s Technologies

By the 18th century, it was used to make linen and cotton mattresses. By the 18th century, it was used to make linen and cotton mattresses.At that time, natural fibres such as coconut fiber, cotton, wool and horse hair were used as filling material in the mattresses which had a smoother and edged form. These mattresses, whose edges were closed with buttons and different sewing techniques, were also seen as a status tool by people at the time.

Springs Meet Mattress Technologies

By 1857, the first patent was obtained for the use of steel coils in chair seats. For the first time in 8 years, steel coils were used to make mattresses. In 1871, Heinrich Westphal invented the first internal string mattress, making it a revolutionary first. However, without gaining any profit from this mattress, he died in misery.

History’s First Water Mattress

Soft Bed
Water Mattress

In 1873, a new first in the history of the mattress took place. Sir James Paget has put on sale a water mattress designed by Neil Arnott. This waterbed was developed for therapeutic purposes and was developed in St.It was designed for Bartholomew Hospital.

By the end of the 19th century, mattress bases came into our lives. In this way, the mattresses became more comfortable and less imperfect.

World’s Most Expensive Mattress

When the calendars showed 1929, dunlopillow made the most expensive mattress ever made of natural rubber. After this date, developments and innovations have not stopped. Japanese mattresses were invented in the 1940s, sponge mattresses in the 1950s, and modern water mattresses in the 1960s. In the 1980s, the first vinyl mattresses were put on sale. in the 1990s, the words sleep and comfort became inseparable.

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In 1999, queen-size mattresses overtook twin mattresses and became america’s best-selling product.

Nowadays Mattress Means Comfort

Today, mattress technologies provide many comforts to their users at the same time at Anti-allergic, body memory, spine and back assisted mattress technologies help to sleep in the 21st century.It’s more enjoyable and comfortable than ever before in the 19th century.the same time. You can also check out mattress technologies from our site to meet the latest mattress models and get this comfort.

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