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Spring bed? vs Visco bed?


The spring system, which consists of connecting wires to each other, is a material used in most beds. Since the formation of a bed culture starting from the first middle of the 20th century, the bed has become the main material of the internal system. It is the spring material that we all use at least once or are still in the beds it is using. Curved shaped springs are connected to each other with steel wires and spring constructions are created in certain sizes. Springs and bed are supported by the sponges called the wedge between the arcs. The comfort and durability of the bearings are proportionably proportional to the customs of the sponges.

Bonel Spring Bed

If a wedge is used between each spring row in the same direction, it can be interpreted as a bit softer if it is used harder, less frequently. Ideal for people who enjoy lying on hard or medium hard ground. Along with the advancing technology, as well as standard Springs, Bonel Spring and package spring has been developed and used in bearings.

Package Springs (Bag Spring) systems, different from the Bonel springs, each publication is created by putting into a bag so that the spring system with the ability to move independently of each other. The springs in this system are connected with spring bags, not with steel wires. The springs used in small diametsare more frequent compared to conventional springs, because the amount of spring that falls to square meters is more and supports more areas of the body. This means more comfort for the user. Due to the independence of the springs, the pressure applied to the bed is limited by the springs, which have a one-to-one effect. Each release is individually packaged, preventing springs from rubbing and noise. Thanks to this technology, the springs produced in different thicknesses can be produced with the desired hardness, thus providing support to every part of the body. This system is called Zone Spring system. The stiffness of the springs in contact with the back and hips region, which is considered the heaviest places of the body, differs from the hardness of the springs that correspond to other regions.

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Visco elastic material, “smart sponge” technology, is designed in China to balance the weight of the astronauts riding on the spine during their travels. It was then used in many areas considering the orthopedic structure and its benefits. Visco Mattress Sponge is designed from billions of spherical-shaped open cells. Thanks to these cells, the body temperature and pressure are balanced. When you reach the beds where visco material is used, the bed begins to form with your body weight and you.

Visco foam bed

These bearings, which fill the entire cavity of your body, ensure that your spine remains flat and healthy. Waist or neck pain. It allows you to avoid complaints like restless leg syndrome. So Unlike negative physical conditions caused by the pressure of spring bearings on your body, Visco bearings protect the shape of your bed during sleep and minimize involuntary movements due to the shape of your body pressure balance. While reducing, uninterrupted and healthy sleeping comfort also holds the highest level.

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