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What is the firmness of the mattress? How it is learned?



When exchanging mattresses, people often control the firmness of the mattress by pressing it with their hands to look at the quality of the mattress. For them, this is one of the most important criteria. Stores, Manufacturers, Customers and Supervisors say that mattress firmness is an important issue, but there are often very few resources that can explain why or why mattress firmness is really important, which can often be complicated for customers.

We plan to replace it with this mattress guide. In this article we will examine in detail how firmness will be for us in terms of convenience and support. Contact us to find your best firmness level according to your comfort preference, weight and sleeping position, and you will see how firmness affects sleep temperature and transfer of motion.

What is Firmness?

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Firmness is one way to define the feeling of mattress comfort. Firmness is subjective, one degree of firmness that is comfortable for one person can be very harsh for the other. Therefore, companies produce mattresses with different firmness levels in order to find the right model for their customers.

The Firmness Rating

We can hear many terms used in bed definition in daily life. Medium hard, very hard, extra soft, etc. The terms are used continuously. It can be difficult to know how to compare them. Since different companies produce these products, there are institutions that determine the stringency criteria. Frequencies are rated between 1 and 10 by these institutions. The following list lists the mattress tightness and what they mean.

  • 1 Very Soft: it’s the maximum softness value you’ll sink too much into, plush beds are rare,
  • 2 – 3 Soft: very soft to sink into,
  • 4 – 6 Medium: Provides a medium hardness floor with a small amount of firmness,
  • 7 – 9 Rigid: less soft and hard to sink,
  • 10 Very Hard: Softness, stinging absolutely absent, these mattresses are very rare.
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Detailed Bed Firmness Ratings

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