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How should the sleeping position be in pregnancy?


We think this tutorial will help pregnant women in what position they should sleep. Of course, consult your physician for the most appropriate information according to your personal characteristics and pregnancy situation.

Proper sleep position for your child’s health

Sleeping position

The pregnancy period brings many difficulties in the life of women. Although it is an indescribable feeling to cling to a tiny body at the end of 9 months, the process is quite difficult. Mother candidates need to go for a healthy pregnancy period in almost all aspects of their lives. Otherwise, it is likely to be faced with a very sad outcome that can reach up to low.

Most importantly, sleep positions. It’s a question mark for a lot of women who should sleep in pregnancy. It is imperative to know which sleeping position is ideal and does not affect the baby. In this article, we have listed the sleeping positions for pregnant women.

Firstly, you need to avoid lying on the right side and on your back during pregnancy. These positions negatively affect the health of your baby because it reduces the blood flow from the main vessels to the heart. According to a recent study, it has been found that the lower risk of the mothers who chose these positions is seen more in the lying position.

During pregnancy, the ideal sleep position is called “SOS“. Basically, you have to lie on the left side of a hard bed. Lying on the left side and curling your knees and putting the pillow between the legs is considered to be the ideal resting position for the expectants. Sleeping in this way provides the most suitable nutrition for the placenta and reduces the edema that can occur at different points in the body.

Pregnancy sleeping pillow

It may be beneficial for mothers who have trouble sleeping on the left side to use a pregnancy pillow. As one of the best solutions for preventing the position to change during sleep, especially in the position of hospitalization, pregnancy cushions are the forefront. Other than that, you can use your comfortable cushions. Putting the pillow under your waist or under your neck can help you to sleep comfortably. In addition, you can make a 30-minute nap during the day to earn habit of laying on the left side and attract less pain at night.

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Finally, you can exercise during the day for a regular and comfortable sleep. However, it is beneficial that you do not do exercises close to sleep.

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